Why visit Gourmet Selection ?

Good reasons to visit the show

product offering

Gourmet Selection brings together, in a single location: manufacturers, producers and distributors of rare products, original products, regional fare, exotic or ethnic products, gift products, selective packaging, seasonal products, gourmet products… together with products displaying a certification, organic products, PDO/PGI products, labelled products, fair trade, sustainable development…

  • Savoury groceries: condiments, spices, salt, pepper, vinegar, pasta, rice, crackers, chutney, mustard, oil, conserves…
  • Sweet groceries: biscuits, chocolate, cakes and pastries, confectionery, honey, spreads, candied fruit, jam…
  • Alcoholic drinks: beer, cider, wine, spirits, liqueurs.
  • Delicatessen: foie gras, dips, prepared dishes, regional and ethnic specialities.
  • Tableware and packaging: decoration, packaging, utensils, kitchen accessories, gift sets.
  • Beverages: fruit juice, tea, coffee, herbal tea, water, cocoa.
  • Meat products: cured meat, terrine, ham, pâté, meat.
  • Seafood (fresh or canned): sardines, tuna, salmon, seaweed, caviar.
  • Fruit, vegetables and flowers: edible flowers, mushrooms, truffles.

Added value from Gourmet Selection

  • An annual show to meet the needs of fine food retailers for range rotation.
  • A 2-day duration, both short and efficient, held on a Sunday and Monday to capture the most visits.
  • The vitality of start-ups: 25% of exhibitors have been trading for less than 2 years.
  • A top-end offer.
  • A trend barometer for the fine food market.

Who are the exhibitors ?

350 exhibitors
French 80%
European 20%

These firms EXHIBITED in 2018 and have ALREADY SIGNED UP for the next show

Alain Milliat (France), Alziari (France), Atelier TB (France), Biscotterie La Chanteracoise (France), Chic des plantes ! (France), Chocolat Mathez (France), Ciao Gusto (Italy), Compagnie Coloniale (France), Confiserie De Medicis (France), Fromagerie Juni SA Suisse (Switzerland), Gourmandises (Spain), Il Borgo Balsamico (Italy), Lebkuchen Schimdt (Germany), Les Délices de Saint-Orens (France), La Sablesienne (France), Maxim’s de Paris (France), Muroise et Compagnie (France), Thés George Cannon (France), Thibault-Bergeron (France), etc.