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Following the covid-19 health crisis, Comexposium and Gourmet Selection have come up with a code of practice which integrates public health issues.


  • Health and safety for all
  • Compliance with regulations
    We ensure that government health measures are respected within our event
  • Implementation of the event's "health & safety procedures”
    Adapted from government measures and regarding specificities inherent to your business sectors and needs
  • Communication
    We make sure that we work together, in the greatest transparency, to guarantee security and peace of mind for everyone


  1. Barrier measures
    During build up and breakdown, as well as during normal event hours, masks are required for all. Compulsory hand sanitization at the entrance of the halls and other access points, monitored by staff. Hand washing with soap on a regular basis is imperative and will be included on signage throughout the site. If you don't have soap and water, use sanitization solution distributors.
    The limitation of contacts is to befavored. Use contactless payment, available on site. 
  2. Other measures 
    Closed garbage bins will be installed to collect personal items (masks, tissues) located in the toilets and aisles. 
  3. Reminder of basic health measures
    If you do not feel well, stay home. Sneeze or cough in your elbow. After use, dispose of your paper tissues in s closed trash can. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects daily.

Our objectives : limit contact and implement physical distance. 

  1. Managed flow : a different point of entry and exit
  2. Arrange rooms to ensure appropriate space , in common areas (such as VIP areas, conference rooms, press areas ). 

Stands and / or furniture provided by the organizer : 

  • Materials cleaning reinforce before use on site (for the part accessible to the public),
  • Cleaning of furniture before use, delivery with a plastic cover.

Building infrastructure : 

  • Regular cleaning of infrastructure: ramps, windows, elevators, etc.

Lavatories : 

  • Additional and more frequent cleaning
  • Dispensers equipped with paper wipes and dedicated bins
  • Sanitization solution distributors
  • Cleaning monitoring documented.

Common areas, reception areas, services : 

  • Additional and more frequent cleaning
  • Remove aisle carpets and daily cleaning of aisles
  • Cleaning of things used by the public (benches, ashtrays, ATMs)
  • Sanitization solution distributors.


Management of Suspected Cases :

  • Establishment of a procedure for the isolation and removal of a suspect case (journey to avoid exposure to the public, etc.)
  • Creation of an isolation area, separate from the public and separate from the Health and Safety area to receive people considered as suspected cases


1. Minimum distance of 1 m or presence of a sneeze guard/plexiglass (if tasting on a counter type contact point).
2. Offer individual portions (single-use or washable containers).
3. Do not offer products in the form of a buffet.
4. Staff should place requested items on the counter for customers to reduce contact with food or packaging.
5. A disinfection of contact points must be carried out after each tasting.

A health referent is nominated to ensure that these regulations are put into practice. Comexposium and the Gourmet Selection trade show are in permanent contact with State services and Health authorities in order to anticipate the evolutions of the Covid-19 crisis as well as possible.