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White Paper: Innovations and trends in delicatessen 2022

This White paper is a guide to help you with your current or future project in the delicatessen sector.

A full guide to seizing opportunities in the grocery market

In 2021, Gourmet Selection brought together more than 4,000 industry professionals to discuss current issues such as logistics, product enhancement and innovation, consumer demands, etc.

From these 2 days of shows, we wanted to produce a  document to respond to the following issue :

  • The assessment after 18 months of crisis for the delicatessen sector.
  • The impact of the crisis on local grocers analysed by Alexis Roux de Bézieux.
  • A step back in time with Nathalie Helal with a look at the history of the grocer.
  • An immersion in the social and solidarity economy with Lila Djellali.
  • The CGAD survey on specialised food shops.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the purchasing department of Les Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet with Anne-Laure Bloch and Catherine Coutté.
  • An update on the digitalisation of the market with the analysis of Edouard Morhange.
  • Decryption of food logistics by Florent Simonneau from Chronofresh.  

It is also...

Marketing studies, Insight to better understand your market.

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Focus on gastronomic innovations and delicatessen concepts 

Agri-food innovation is one of the most effective ways of attracting your future customers, who are keen to make discoveries. For several years, Vincent Ferniot has chaired the Best-Of competition, which awards the best products of the year.
In the white book, you will find a photo and details on each winner of the 2021 edition. In the book, you will find exceptional brands and products: Zesty BB's SAPPHIRE herbal tea or KALIOS' smoked eel with beech and olive wood.
Each year, Gourmet Selection also highlights the best grocery shop concepts in France. Emmanuelle Jary, ambassador of the Quintessences 2021 competition, highlights in this guide the grocers in Paris and Marseille whose commitment and ambition seduced the jury

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The brands and experts present in this white paper :

Vincent Ferniot, Alan Geaam, Emmanuelle Jary, Alexis Roux de Bézieux, Nathalie Helal, Lila Djellali, la CGAD, Anne-Laure Bloch, Catherine Coutté, Edouard Morhange, Florent Simonneau, Kalios, Kampot, Santamatri’, La Maison Hasnaâ, Zesty BB, La Brasserie Cap d’Ona, La maison Olio Guglielmi, La Conserverie de l'Île d’Yeu, Velveti, Le Djin Spirits, Le Lab Français, Rafinati, La Chicorée, Saveur en partage, Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet...