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Maison COMBES rare know-how, passed down through 3 generations

The family firm founded in 1923 by Henri Combes, developed by his son Yves, and today run by Vincent, perpetuates an ancestral know-how in the art of artisanal Roquefort cheesemaking.

Representing less than 1% of the total production of Roquefort, we are the smallest cheesemaker, but also one of the last to perpetuate the traditional Roquefort method.

Ewes, milk and a terroir

Raw milk from Lacaune breed ewes is collected and processed every day in our dairy located in Les Farguettes, in the village of Mayran, near to Rodez. It is supplied by breeders from the dairy’s immediate surroundings.

All the cheesemaking stages happen by hand. This requires passion, a trained hand and dexterity by committed men and women.

Then the aging process begins

It is in Roquefort itself, in our small and unique Vieux Berger cellar, located in the very heart of the Combalou rock, that the cool and moist air delicately conveyed by our fleurine will allow the cheeses placed on oak beams to age and form its beautiful blue veins caused by the development inside the cheese of our Pénicillium Roqueforti.

It is through this alchemy of air and matter that one can recognise the savoir-faire of Maison Combes’ master cheese ager.


The “Le Vieux Berger” Roquefort

It is: a high quality milk from 10 breeders, worked with finesse to reach excellence. A penicillin strain carefully selected by Yves and Vincent Combes. A traditional, handmade cheesemaking method, perpetuated by our four cheese masters.

A rare, incomparable and unparalleled savoir-faire stretching back through three generations of artisans.