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A heavenly natural setting, a vineyard and an olive grove on the backdrop of the Baux-de-Provence: Château d’Estoublon is quite simply unique. Perpetuating the heritage of a tradition, stretching back to 1731, of exceptional olive oils and sun-drenched wines, a new chapter in the Château d’Estoublon storybook opened when the Schneider family arrived to take over the estate in 1999. Just like its wines, the olive oils of Estoublon have risen to the heights of their appellation, representing the very best in French gourmet food.

A magnificent mosaic of olive trees, nestling between vineyards and woodlands, the Château d’Estoublon olive grove benefits from the best possible care up to harvest time, between the end of October and mid-December, with each variety ripening one after the other.



The olives are then pressed in the Château d’Estoublon mill, inaugurated in 2012, in a process designed to strictly control product quality from cultivation to manufacture.
Each harvest has its own organoleptic qualities, as all the Estate’s oils are extra virgin. Château d’Estoublon has forged its singularity by crafting outstanding AOP (PDO) olive oils, and more specifically single variety oils that are acknowledged by gourmets and foodies alike.  The different olive varieties of bouteillan, salonenque, grossane, béruguette and picholine each recite their own aromatic score.


With her visionary approach, Valérie Reboul, the estate’s owner, quickly came to realise that it was not enough to simply produce an olive oil on its own, albeit one of outstanding quality. Inspired by the world of perfume and fragrances, she shook up the conventions of the olive oil scene by creating the first ever haute couture olive oil bottle, which subsequently led to Estoublon’s worldwide renown.

“For our debut at the show in 2019, we were able not only to see our Parisian and French customers again, but we also met many new customers who quickly placed their trust in us. This exhibition is very effective with a high-quality target of delicatessens, fine food groceries, wine cellars, concept stores, tea rooms, etc. In short, a successful experience which we have every intention of repeating every year.”


Château d'Estoublon
Route de Maussane
13990 Fontvieille


Photo credit: David Zuber (photo 3)