Maison Fouquet, the story of a jam champion

With a day job as a local authority technician, Patrick Fouquet treated only his friends and family to his jams until 2017 when he really got started in the profession. The tipping point came when he took part in a “best breakfast” competition in which he made his own butter, jam, bread, brioche and fromage blanc. Having earned the judges’ accolades, he decided to start a second career in this area.

He subsequently collected further distinctions:

-          Diploma of honour at the 2017 World championships for his “peach and cinnamon” recipe;

-          First prize in the “unusual jams” competition organised by the Order of French Jam chefs in Paris in July 2017 for his “apricot and blackcurrant” jar.

Always on the lookout for new inspiration, in August he won the title of “2018 Jam world champion” at the ‘Confituriades d’Or” competition in Beaupuy. His winning product was a strawberry, rhubarb and bourbon vanilla jam, beating 60 other competitors from all over the world.

He sources his ingredients from local market gardeners and always selects the best products in the region to continue to blend flavours and offer the best associations.

Whether in search of an original flavour or a traditional jam, there’s something to delight everyone in this extensive range. 

Further information at :http://maison-fouquet.fr/fr/