Les Vendéennes du Large, the exhibition’s new ‘pearl’!

In the Bourgneuf Bay, Les Vendéennes du Large produce their oysters across six hectares of judiciously-distributed farms. Through their know-how, they capitalise upon the different characteristics of the Bay: calm in some places to allow young oysters to grow, and more exposed elsewhere to mature and finish them.

The oysters are sorted, calibrated and refined on their Polder des Champs site in Bouin.

Products are sold directly to customers and dispatched all over France to supermarkets, restaurants, works councils, etc


All oysters are matured in ponds dug in clay which are flooded with seawater during high tides.
These ponds provide a different environment to the sea, producing a less ‘iodised’ flavour than open-sea oysters.

Fine de claire

The ‘Fine de claire’ category is the favourite oyster of French consumers thanks to its marine flavours and its fine and delicate flesh, ideal for sharing with family or friends.

Spéciale de claire

The result of a very stringent selection of the best oysters in the farm.
The maturing stage is the most important in the process, helping the farmers to obtain a crunchy and generous flesh and give the product a slightly sweet note.
Ideal for people who prefer fleshy oyster.

Further information : http://lesvendeennesdularge.fr/