Sur le Sentier des Bergers, quality fine food

Sur le Sentier des Bergers is a brand of fine and regional products crafted from unique and 100% hand-made recipes.

Its vocation: to blend traditional flavours and new trends to create singular moments of shared enjoyment around original products. Immortalise the values of artisanal products by creating unique recipes with local products and only a handful of ingredients.

Flavour combinations remain the source of all inventive cuisine, where new influences rekindle the tastes of a bygone age.

Inheriting a long tradition of mountain trade and exchange, this original brand applies this innovative principle; adapting recipes from yesteryear to the palates of today by giving “culinary treasures” new inspiration.

Creations made from fine products, discovered from many a journey, today make up the brand’s taste collection:

A collection of Provence spreads; tapenades and vegetable creams for spreading on appetiser crackers hand-made in Italy.

Hand-made terrines made from carefully selected ingredients, made from certified free range pork raised in the Hautes Alpes.

Hand-made and wooden tray-dried tagliatelle, and wonderfully creamy Carnaroli risoti.

Traditional, sun-filled Italian sauces and pesto.

And for the discerning gourmet… recipes made from truffles (100% Italian) and other delights: Truffle salt, truffle-scented extra virgin olive oil, truffle honey, truffle thins, onion confit with honey, etc.

Some quite classical combinations, other more surprising ones. Anything is possible on the Sentier des Bergers.

Just set off on the journey!

More informations : https://www.surlesentierdesbergers.fr/fr/