Atelier Jeantaine, home-made because it’s so good!

With 30 years of experience as a chef, Jean-Marie Fontaine teamed up with his wife to create their brand in 2005. The customers of their hotel and restaurant wished to go away with their home-made jams and sweet dishes and serve them up to their friends and family.

Ten years later, the couple decided to devote themselves full-time to their products and opened their first shop in Sillé-le-Guillaume, followed by another one in Le Mans, capital of the Sarthe department.


The jams are cooked in small quantities in an open copper jam pan to preserve all the taste and full flavours. The range features traditional jams such as strawberry, plum or blueberry, but also more surprising combinations such as “Strawberry with Tasmanian pepperberry” and “Raspberry, Lemon, Basil,” which both won awards from the 2017 Ordre Culinaire International for their flavours and excellence.

Savoury products

Savoury products are also important for the brand: bruschettas, potted meats, rillettes. Atelier Jeantaine even includes a prepared dish in its range: the Sarthe hotpot (marmite) served with its vegetables.

“The Marmite Sarthoise is a speciality that was concocted by the 19 Bonnes Tables Sarthoises culinary association 40 years ago. Since then, it has been part of the culinary heritage of our region. Traditionally served with boiled cabbage and carrots, it also includes Loué poultry, rabbit, ham, mushrooms and a cream sauce made with Jasnières wine.”


The brand’s flagship product is inspired by the local “roussard” stone, a granite with high iron ore content, a grainy texture and a slight red colour. Several months of research and a lot of testing were required to come up with the perfect recipe which finally arrived on the shelves in 2014.

More informations : http://www.jeantaine.fr/