Les Abeilles de Malescot, Authenticity and terroir Flavours 

Domaine de Malescot, is a family-run farm located in the village of Bouglon in Lot-et-Garonne department in the south west of France. With its farming and beekeeping activities both certified organic, all its production is carefully selected then processed and sold to fine food shops.

150 beehives are spread between 5 apiaries, and 30 of these hives are dedicated to breeding swarms.

Honey extraction

Honey is extracted by hand to maintain its flavours and properties:

  • Honey is harvested manually, frame by frame, directly in the honey supers during each honey flow.
  • A low-speed centrifugal extractor is used and the honey is stored in 200-litre barrels.
  • The honey is not filtered and will settle naturally for three weeks in a maturator where it is kept at a temperature of 35°C to 37°C. (the temperature inside the hive).
  • The honey cru of the year will be assembled from the best tanks (following the same procedure as in top vineyards).
  • The tanks that are not selected will feed the weaker hives in September and October before hibernation.

Their annual honey is also sold in smaller formats, flavoured with organic Espelette pepper, revisiting a traditional Basque country recipe to go with ewe’s cheese.


Le Domaine de Malescot also grows cereals and pulses over a surface area of 200 hectares.

Sunflower seeds are first cleaned then calibrated before being left to dry naturally. Once the desired moisture level has been reached, the seeds are cold pressed in the traditional way. This helps to keep all its natural properties and bring out the most delicate aspects of its flavours. (Approximately 3 to 4kg of seeds are needed to produce one litre of oil.)

The sunflower seed cake (meal) is used as feed for the farm’s sheep in winter (and for nearby organic farms).

The oil decants naturally for four weeks in a cool, dark place.

Further information at https://www.domainedemalescot.fr/