G.M HERARD, a sparkling brand!

Stretching back to the 19th century, the HERARD family has cultivated its Champagne vineyard in the village of Urville. During this time, the family has developed the highest skills in the production of the best champagne varieties.

The prestigious terroir holds sustainable winegrowing certification and is renowned for its quality, allowing the family to offer a champagne that is fresh, fruity and light, enjoyed by all champagne enthusiasts.

The agricultural and geological characteristics of the land contribute to delivering a much-coveted pinot noir and a chardonnay with singular, inimitable personalities.

G.M.HERARD champagne is the result of scrupulous and painstaking work, while its modern and elegant presentation appeals to every guest.


“Monsieur H”  

“Monsieur H” is G.M.HERARD’s signature cuvee. Its modern and elegant styling, together with its fresh and light taste, will win over all drinkers!

With “Monsieur H”, G.M. HERARD offers a champagne with a refined and balanced structure, the result of an assemblage comprising a majority of pinot noir, renowned for its body and strength. Its fine sparkle enhances the depth of its fruity personality. Its notes of yellow peach, fresh fruit, its biscuit hints and its enjoyable roundness are highly appreciated by champagne enthusiasts of all ages.

As the partner of Gourmet Selection, G.M. HERARD will award its champagne to the Best Of prize winners!

 Further information at: https://gmherard.com/