Les Saveurs Granvillaises, know-how between Turf and Surf

Several years ago, Emmanuel Provost, a master artisan, decided to launch his traditional cannery in which he mainly produces seafood products.

Les Saveurs Granvillaises offer salmon, tuna and sea bass rillettes and fish soup, but also vegetable soups, terrines and black pudding, all in the form of conserves. Fancy something sweeter? You can also enjoy their orange zested egg custards, while other gourmets might like to try their "teurgoule" rice pudding.


Located in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, the small former privateer’s town Granville and its fishing port are a permanent source of inspiration for the brand. As genuine enthusiasts of seafood products, the founders give them pride of place with their range of authentic marine recipes.


Developing recipes to highlight the wealth of goodness that can be found in our Normandy region and in its culinary traditions is a priority for the brand. Products are carefully selected and the pork is Label Rouge certified.


The main priority of Les Saveurs Granvillaises is to produce preserves from locally-sourced natural products and without using thickening agents or derivatives.

At the 2019 French Agricultural Show, Les Saveurs Granvillaises won a Silver Medal for their traditional terrine; a just reward for a brand that is never short on ideas.

Further information at https://www.facebook.com/lessaveursgranville/