Un saumon à Paris, a matter of taste

“We find that Gourmet Selection is a very pleasant small exhibition on a human scale. We can discover products from lots of small firms there.”

Dating back to 1986 and established in the fifth arrondissement of Paris, this shop is a perfect destination for seafood enthusiasts. “What brought me to open the shop was my love of fine food,” says Barbara, who was a total stranger to food retail before she opened her shop. Indeed, this was just a secondary occupation before becoming her full-time activity.

She bases her work on three essential principles:

  • trusting the artisans with whom she works;
  • being able to trace the products that finish up on our table;
  • always searching for new products.

Assisted by Dora, she sets out to meet producers to see how they work so as to be able to pass on their story to their customers. These customers should be offered a genuine experience with the benefit of expert advice, and the guarantee of impeccable product quality.

She is always on the lookout for the best products to go with her salmon.

“We are proud of the trust that our customers have placed in us for more than 30 years, and delighted to continue to offer them the chance to discover new products every day for their pleasure, guided by unfaltering high standards.”

Further information at https://www.unsaumonaparis.com/