Vidal Foie Gras, le savoir-faire français

“Through our presence at the show, we have succeeded in increasing our exposure to a wide audience, meeting new customers and exchanging with our existing clients, and displaying our latest products to increase our visibility. For us, the show is a fantastic showcase and therefore a genuine communication tool.”


Located at the heart of Périgord Noir near Sarlat, Vidal Foie Gras is a staunch advocate of traditional savoir-faire. The Vidal Foie Gras Artisan is iconic of French culinary creativity: originality, tradition, quality, excellence, etc.

By using only local and fresh products (duck, goose, pork), the firm guarantees its products are of Périgord origin. Vidal Foie Gras is committed to bringing you the best from the Dordogne!


Vidal Foie Gras is sold in fine food shops and specialist department stores.


Le Périgord Noir

Well known for its breath-taking landscapes, Périgord Noir is a concentrate of excellence through a reputation for fine gastronomy founded on the quality of its regional products and a savoir-faire which makes it the international foie gras capital

Geese and ducks

The ducks and geese are selected, raised and fed according to traditionally high standards. This quality gives products from Périgord Noir a quite characteristic taste. 

PGI (protected geographical indication)

The PGI label was created in 2000 to protect know-how and guarantee authentic flavours. The PGI guarantees the consumer of the full traceability of foie gras ducks, raised and fattened in the farms of the Périgord. Products are exclusively prepared by Périgord canners.


Pascal Vidal has a passion for flavours, a love of spices, and a taste for invention to offer traditional recipes with a touch of originality to satisfy all palates. 

Further information at https://vidalfoiegras.fr/