CAFÉ-TASSE, the birth of a desire

“What we appreciate about your show is the quality of the products exhibited. We are a Belgian chocolate maker with 30 years of history, and it is therefore important for us to reach the fine food sector, which is the market on which we operate. Our products are sold mainly in fine food shops and by tea and coffee merchants. In addition, this show has a human aspect, which makes it easier to meet our partners. Each year, we create new contacts which often prove to be productive. We have been taking part in the show for 10 years and we constantly hear from retailers about their wishes and aspirations, whilst also making some very enjoyable encounters.

In 1985 in Brussels, a man having a coffee decided he also wanted a small chocolate to accompany it. To fulfil this desire, he decided to create the specialty himself which he would later call the Napolitain. This is what led to Café-Tasse.

The firm has been under the ownership of the Gembler for around 20 years, headed by Andréa Gembler who oversees the development of the brand. It is a family run company with a collaborative team spirit where new discoveries can be made every day.

The brand is sold in more than 40 countries and is a proud representative of Belgian chocolate.

In the form of bars, family bars, napolitains or powder, Café-Tasse chocolate is an unforgettable taste experience.

Plain, milk, coffee flavour, matcha or coconut, Café-Tasse offers a wide range of handmade chocolates to satisfy the finest of taste buds.

New in 2019: Ruby chocolate
A pink colour chocolate: following research it was discovered that this chocolate is related to molecules present in the “Ruby” cocoa bean. This gives it a natural pink colour and the taste of tangy red fruit. This chocolate is sold in the form of minibars, perfect for sharing!

Further information at http://cafe-tasse.com/fr/accueil