La Sablésienne, the artisanal biscuit makers from Sablé-sur-Sarthe

It was in July 1670 that, as a guest of the court of the Princes of Condé, the Marquise de Sablé brought a multitude of small round biscuits that the renowned maître d’hôtel Vatel presented to the brother of King Louis XIV, himself a gourmet, who found them “much to his taste and of honest lightness.” He ordered that these biscuits be served to him every day in honour of the Marquise de Sablé. 

This famous all-butter Sablé biscuits, as well as other recipes, are made traditionally by the master pastry chefs in the biscuit factory kitchens in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, in the Loire Valley region. 


Keen to offer the very best biscuits, La Sablésienne always strives to select the highest quality ingredients such as fresh butter, free range eggs and local flour.

Once these ingredients are placed delicately in the mixer, the Petits Sablés dough is then kneaded and other recipes are beaten. The biscuits are then shaped, deposited and baked until golden brown, on metal trays.

Once the biscuits are out of the oven, they cool slowly and are then delicately collected by hand to guarantee best quality.

The biscuits 

The all-butter Petits Sablés from Sablé-sur-Sarthe: round, serrated and crunchy, come in several flavours for the delight of food lovers, be they young or old.

La Sablésienne makes other French biscuit specialities such as meringues, macaroons, langues de chat, petits fondants, soufflés etc. 

The international culinary order paid tribute to La Sablésienne with the award of Best biscuit 2009 for its Croq’framboise.

Organic, good and good-looking biscuits. La Sablésienne has also been making organic biscuits for 20 years, using tasty and original organic recipes. Certified by Ecocert, La Sablésienne controls its supply channels by sourcing mainly from regional providers.

Combining tradition and innovation, La Sablésienne has concocted original recipes with caramel and Tonka bean, banana and chocolate, lemon and chia seed, etc.

More information : http://www.sablesienne.com/fr/