À l’olivier, where it all started in an apothecary 

“The firm A L’Olivier, a specialist in plant and spice oil macerations, has been presenting its new products at Gourmet Selection since its very first edition. Gourmet Selection is an essential exhibition that allows us to meet fine food professionals with whom we can discuss our shared passion: products of excellence!”


In 1822, Monsieur Popelin, a chemist, decided to set up an olive oil stall to persuade Parisians of its benefits. The shop subsequently became the go-to place for lovers of Mediterranean art de vivre. It continued to thrive through the decades and received a triumphant reception at the International Expositions of 1867 and 1889, where it won two silver medals.

In 1985, the workshops moved to Provence to enable better control over the raw material. 

The 1822 collection

This collection represents the grands crus of extra-virgin olive oil, naturally flavoured oils that are truly exceptional products. The recipe is a well-guarded secret based upon a method of capturing flavours from fresh plants, without adding any additional flavourings.

The brand does not stop at olive oil but also offers fruit pulp vinegars with which to season dishes with a touch of passion fruit or raspberry, for example.


With additional delicacies such as olives, tapenades, flower confits, basil pesto and honey, the brand has something to delight every palate!

Further information at: https://alolivier.com/