Exhibitor Profile - La Cour d'Orgères


Brittany, 1976. For more than 40 years, a family of indomitable Gauls is still holding out against the use of preservatives. 


Indeed, although it is renowned all over the west of France for its jams, cakes, ice creams and artisan products, La Cour d’Orgères is above all a family affair. Margareth and Pierre-Jan Indekeu, Master Jam-maker of France, have passed on their know-how and passion for taste to their daughters Marie-Charlotte and Vérène. 

Today genuine experts in the art of these flavours, the daughters make a fine point of perpetuating the family skill, always with a hint of audacity and a generous helping of style. This is how the Indekeu family pays tribute to tradition: with panache and subtleness. Each new creation bears witness to their attention to detail. With a clear passion for taste, Vérène and Marie-Charlotte keep a close watch on business, select the best fruit and check the extreme accuracy of the cooking. Indeed, if a bird can be recognised by its feathers, an artisan is recognised by their dexterity. Cooked in small quantities in the pan, their handmade jams are prepared with passion. The fruits are stirred with a skimmer and a wooden spoon made from beech wood, without the addition of colourings or preservatives, and with as little sugar as possible.


Between tradition and the modern world, the ephemeral collections of La Cour d’Orgères invite jam into the major league. All their artisan jams are made with exceptional ingredients so that indulgence can go hand in hand with perfection. From traditional jams liberating the essential qualities of fruit to the boldest recipes combining sweet flavours and savoury notes, the family company enjoys concocting astonishing and game changing recipes. A mango chutney with Espelette pepper is fantastic with a prawn verrine, while an apricot jam sets off a breast of duck to perfection.



The other trade secret of La Cour d’Orgères can be found in the very heart of the fruit. The extreme attention paid to the selection of ingredients takes Vérène Indekeu on a Tour de France to pick out the best producers, season after season. The figs come from Solliès, the apricots from Roussillon, the lemons from Menton, the clementine oranges from Corsica and the mirabelle plums from Lorraine. With a marked fondness for their terroir, the sisters promote products from Brittany whenever possible and source responsibly but also with an absolute priority on taste.

Finally, and as with any self-respecting creator, La Cour d’Orgères delivers an elegant product, traditionally inscribed with purple ink. The most important thing here is that each jam is unique and that each blend of flavours is the result of a beautiful love story. Something to make us simply melt with pleasure.

“We have been exhibiting at the show since its first edition! We presented our Élixir jam which won an award in the Best Of competition, which is welcome recognition of our work and helps us to stand out from the competition!”