Exhibitor profile - La Plantation


This is a story of a journey to the end of the world. 

 At the beginning of 2013, Guy Porré and Nathalie Chaboche went on an exploratory trip to the heart of the eastern hemisphere. They discovered and fell in love with Cambodia, its rural scenery and the pleasantness of its inhabitants, leading to a family-run, social and sustainable project. This is the story of La Plantation.

Focus on the history of the spices of Kampot, Cambodia

The iconic product of this region is undoubtedly Kampot pepper, which was acknowledged in the early 20th century as one of the best peppers in the world.

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In 2010, it became the first Cambodian product to benefit from a PGI (protected geographical indication). This label bears testament to the exceptional character of Kampot Pepper which benefits from a unique growing area. Grown entirely traditionally, it respects nature and its artisans, with the exclusive use of natural fertilisers and pest repellents, manual weeding, manual harvesting and sun-drying.

Kampot Pepper is one of only two peppers in the world, together with Cameroon Penja, to benefit from a PGI worldwide obliging farmers to comply with very stringent specifications that set out rules for production. In parallel, the KPPA (Kampot Pepper Promotion Association) inspects plantations and promotes Kampot Pepper.
It should be noted that only plantations which are members of the Association are permitted to grow and sell the appellation, making Kampot pepper a rare, unique product with outstanding finesse.

At the dinner table, it is a true chameleon. It comes in four colours: the pepper berries all come from the same plant but are harvested or processed at different stages of maturity. Each pepper colour develops different flavours and tastes which are so characteristic of Kampot Pepper. 

As authentic artists of taste, the team members at La Plantation have formulated a product using a unique process, whose secret is known only to them; the La Plantation Salted Pepper. The crunch of the grain and the intense explosion of fresh pepper flavours in the mouth make this fresh and salted pepper a unique product that is addictive from the first bite. Distinguished with the Monde Sélection Gold Medal in May 2018, this fabulous creation of La Plantation also received a reward from this exhibition in the Best Of competition 2018.


Through a range of products formulated with bewitching flavours, Guy Porré and Nathalie Chaboche, the founders of La Plantation, invite us to join them in their gourmet, human and environmental adventure. 

With packaging made from recycled paper, pouches designed and sewn in hessian or Krama by their seamstresses, La Plantation is the biggest employer in the region, with 130 full-time employees and 150 additional day workers during the five months of harvest. 

Come and meet this inspiring and supportive firm at  Gourmet Selection 2020, which, every day, provides a livelihood to 1,000 families in the south-west of Cambodia, and has set about meeting new challenges.

“During our second participation, we once again appreciated the convivial atmosphere in which Gourmet Selection takes place, both with visitors and with the other exhibitors. We were able to see our resellers again and we had the opportunity to present our spice range to new potential resellers. The visitor audience is very professional, and we met some real enthusiasts!”