Exhibitor profile - Fournier Cidres


1943. We are in a lush natural haven on the southern edge of Normandy. 

Here is where the adventure of the Fournier family begins, with the birth of its know-how in artisanal cider. 

It has to be said that the place lends itself well. Located in the heart of Dukes of Alençon country, apple trees thrive and bask in the sun that bathes their hillsides. And it is since this time that, in this environment, CidreraieLa Pommeraie lovingly cultivates its tall trunked apple trees. The fruit varieties selected place quality before yield.


The cider apples are harvested and collected only from September to mid-December, in order to respect the course of nature.

Attentive to its responsible development and the desire to control its growth whilst maintaining its quality, the spirit of Cidres La Pommeraie - Fournier Frères can be recognised in the love of the land, of orchards, of fruit, and of a carefully curated product. Today, 60 hectares of organically grown orchards provide the Fournier family with an artisanal and local production with a fine variety of ranges.With pride in its traditional know-how, the La Pommeraie - Fournier Frères cider family wishes to share its passion.

Their products have furthermore been highlighted at the Goûter des jeunes chefs, a unique event attended by the rising stars in restaurant-made deserts. With its distinguished history and excellence in the art of extracting the very best from apples, its products have earned a following far and wide beyond borders, and unceasingly bring together young and old alike at special and convivial gatherings. 

“We appreciate this show because it is dedicated to professionals, which enables us to make a lot of contacts on which we work throughout the year. The clientele comes from all over France and not just the Paris region, and from abroad: independent stores and retailer groups. They can be delicatessens, bakeries or cheese shops. Customers who are in search of high quality products.”



La Lentillère 
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