Exhibitor profile - Evootrade


When a world of flavours opens its doors to you

Or, better still, is served to you on a plate. Indeed, Evootrade has become established as synonymous with the best in Spanish fine food aimed at specialist retailers.

Like a true conquistador of the senses, the firm devotedly and skilfully scouts, selects, inspects and distributes the gourmet delights of around 40 passionate small producers. In total, the company trades directly in more than 500 products from the four corners of the Iberian Peninsula in phase with the demands of French professionals. While Evootrade offers certain universally renowned ranges such as Pata Negra, bomba rice, canned sardines and manchego cheese, other, more confidential ranges deserve to be more widely sold. Examples of this include mojama de Barbate, PX balsamic vinegar, anchovy pintxos, Burgos black sausage and romesco sauce, perfect for all occasions. Looking closer at Evootrade’s business, Iberian ham and cured meat make up the majority of its activity. This strategic range is where Evootrade offers centre stage to products produced without nitrites, bearing testament to the fine values of the firm and the quality of its DNA.


In the space of 10 years, Evootrade has succeeded in forming a network of more than 250 retailers on the French market. Looking closer, this is the result of meticulous work which has borne fruit thanks to trading relationships based on trust.


 In spite of the distance, Evootrade is an available and committed partner with an approach focussing on understanding its customers’ needs.

With the benefit of its close links with small producers and its commercial footprint all over Europe, this firm is without a doubt an ally that will not let you down and with whom misunderstandings simply do not exist (the entire commercial team is bilingual).

Last but certainly not least, Evootrade is always on the lookout for new trends, as a chameleon able to adapt to new markets in the blink of an eye. Every year, the company publishes two catalogues: at the beginning of March and the of October, every time including new recruits that are even more fabulous than the ones before.

We recommend them without hesitation.

“We joined this exhibition in 2011. It is a show on a human scale, easy to get to, convivial and well-targeted: it is the imperative event for the delicatessen sector in France.”


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