Gourmet Selection

Vincent Ferniot - 2017's ambassador

As a big fan of quality and ‘genuine’ food, and an admirer of craftsmen and small producers, Vincent Ferniot, author of four cookbooks, is the best possible brand ambassador for Gourmet Selection.

VIncent’s professional background

Vincent Ferniot is a food journalist and columnist, and a TV presenter.

After fifteen years on the daily Telematin (France 2) TV show, Vincent is now the host of Midi en France, a France 3 daily TV show, where he shares his passion for the best food, specialties, and chef recipes. His audience delights not only in his knowledge of cooking but in his infectious way of sharing it.

Every day he welcomes his friends, well-known chefs and pastry chefs, together with other guests from different backgrounds. He’s carved a special place for himself in the gastronomy and haute cuisine family, and also in the hearts of foodies everywhere. He also hosts the Bocuse d’Or and the Pastry World Cup.

A brilliant cook, mad about beautiful food and flavours, Vincent founded Boco, a restaurant chain that offers every day simple recipes from top chefs and pastry chefs, similar to those he uses at home or on television.


What is the key theme of your career as a food columnist?

Vincent Ferniot : Ingredients! There is no quality cooking without quality ingredients: this is my motto. When I was on Telematin on France 2, I used to visit food markets every morning in Rungis and in Paris. My aim was to discover beautiful seasonal products, and tell their story to the audience. Quality food ingredients are at the heart of what I do.

You are the brand ambassador for the fifth edition of gourmet selection. Is this in line with your ambitions ?

V. F. : Definitely! I am enthused by the prospect of defending the values of GOURMET SELECTION and of promoting good food. I also see my role as championing the craftsmen and producers I deeply admire. These guys strive to be different and they want to produce better food all the time. They try to reinvent products which have become boring and to make consumers more curious about food. I constantly learn from them.

What is your mission for GOURMET SELECTION?

V. F. : I decode market trends, give my backing to the show and select the winners of the Best Of. Journalists and bloggers with well-trained taste buds will join me for the latter.  Together we’ll try the exhibitors’ entries and pick the very best. I absolutely love the idea of exploring all this creativity and to discover new products, even though this is something I do every day on television when I talk to chefs and local producers. Beware though, taste remains the most important criteria for me. Brilliant marketing can add value to a product but it will never win over brilliant flavours.