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Press release – July 2020


Retail trend book

Trends in 2020 by Raphaële Marchal

Gourmet Selection is the reference exhibition for delicatessens, food retailers and gastronomy professionals. Having built its reputation on its selection of refined products, it is both a true barometer of trends and a fine food treasure hunter!

For the second consecutive year, Gourmet Selection is organising the Les Quintessences competition, which rewards visitors who have developed the best initiatives to promote delicatessen products. On this occasion, Raphaële Marchal, ambassador of the contest and chair of the jury, unveils her 2020 trend book for the retail sector.

Diversification of delicatessen stores into true high quality general food stores

-        Whereas delicatessens used to focus on dry goods, spices, condiments, alcohols, preserves, chocolates and biscuits, spices... they now offer more and more fresh products through a dairy section, a fruit and vegetable section, a selection of smoked fish and, more rarely, fresh meat and fish. The examples of L'Idéal in Marseille, Terroirs d'avenir in Paris and Montreuil or the famous Maison Plisson are emblematic of this trend.

 -        The opposite pattern can also be observed. Greengrocers, specialising in fresh fruit and vegetables, are increasingly developing a delicatessen range with products directly related to their activity, such as fruit juices, jams and pickles, but also with more distant references such as biscuits, honey or spreads. This is the case of the concept Au bout du Champ and Zingam.

 -        Finally, it must be noted that grocers have chosen to take on the mantle of pick-up points to support producers in this particular context, with an offering of fruit and vegetable baskets, gourmet food baskets, etc. Many restaurant suppliers have found themselves without outlets and have therefore teamed up with local shops to sell their fresh produce, thus avoiding food waste as much as possible. This kind of initiative could become a real trend: a kind of "flying" grocery store. There is no shortage of examples: the baskets from Vergers Saint-Eustache available in the back of the Librairie Gourmande, Tom Saveurs' seafood baskets available at Au Bout du Champ, or Emmanuelle Marie's seafood baskets available at Les Arlots restaurant, etc.

 Trading places: restaurants, farms and traditional shops that are being transformed into delicatessens

-        During lockdown, many restaurants took the gamble of transforming their restaurant into a small farmers' market: they thus continued to place their usual orders with their preferred suppliers (usually inaccessible to the general public!) and offered raw, and exceptional, products to their clientele. Small-scale sustainable fishing, meat cuts that respect animal welfare and the earth, vegetables from market gardeners without chemical treatment, fresh and natural fruit, herbs, wines from independent winegrowers... A true exclusivity that had never existed before! Some of these restaurateurs are planning to continue this parallel activity and even open their own delicatessen adjoining the restaurant! This is notably the case of Amandine Chaignot de Pouliche from Epoq in Biarritz and Stéphane Jégo from L'ami Jean.

 -        Farms, which lost 90% of their clientele, have also reinvented themselves with the creation of baskets of products for direct sale, on site or for delivery. However, these initiatives were not enough to sell the production, and since fresh produce is a rapidly perishable commodity, these farmers reacted quickly and nimbly to transform their raw materials into a true line of delicatessen products. We have therefore been able to witness the creation of terrines, salted meats, vinegars, vegetable spreads, pickles, flavoured oils, at the Ferme de Garance in Limousin or L'Alchémille in Alsace for example.

 -        Pastry chefs are no longer content to produce only their usual creations and other pastries. They are distributing more and more ranges of "dry" products, home-made and perfect for baking at home: praliné, almonds, caramelized hazelnuts, vanilla beans, shortbread, chocolate bars, etc. Yann Couvreur, Christophe Michalak and Thierry Mulhaupt have distinguished themselves in this trend, as well as the famous Fabrique Givrée.

 Unavoidable delivery baskets

This trend has existed for several years, but it has literally exploded under lockdown, whether it is for packs of ingredients for a recipe or ready-to-eat products: practical, fast, high quality and safe solutions! Not surprisingly, online sales have never been better, especially with click and collect. Many shops have launched special occasion gift packs, for Mother's and Father's Day for example, web suppliers have launched their local product-based or theme-based baskets (aperitif, brunch, etc.)… and even chefs have jumped on the bandwagon! Examples abound: ONA le panier, the baskets by chefs Guillaume Sanchez, Jean Imbert, Bruno Verjus or the Septime restaurant.

These trends reveal the strength of the delicatessen model, capable of competing with small supermarkets and copied by other gastronomy professionals, food artisans, chefs, restaurateurs, etc. Capable of reinventing itself ad infinitum, the delicatessen emerges as an inexhaustible concept that responds perfectly to consumer demand, in search of quality and meaning.

Les Quintessences: retail in the spotlight

Distribution channels are constantly evolving, especially in the context of this very particular year 2020. Retailers are on the lookout for the best concepts and are innovating to make their points of sale more dynamic, but also to respond to the aspirations of their customers.

Through their initiatives, they support the work of all producers by showcasing the finest products and helping to make them better known.

Gourmet Selection therefore offers its visitors, fine food retailers, the opportunity to promote and highlight their concept. The aim is to highlight retailers who, every day, position themselves as ambassadors of "good eating ". All food professionals, in the broadest sense of the term (delicatessen, restaurant, hotel, concept store, etc.) are invited to participate in order to highlight their concept, their ethical commitments, their ideas for point-of-sale promotions, or the innovative and connected dimension of their business!

Registrations are open until 30 August 2020 to all visitors to the show, on the website, in the “Events” section.

The awards ceremony will take place at the exhibition on Monday 14 September at 2 pm, in the presence of Raphaële Marchal, the chair of the judging panel.



Gourmet Selection

Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

Pavilion 6

Sunday 13 & Monday 14 September 2020

Opening hours

09:30 – 18:30


Launch press release - Gourmet Selection 2019

Gourmet Selection celebrates its 10th anniversary from 22 to 23 September 2019 Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

In the space of 10 years, Gourmet Selection has become the must-attend tradeshow for fine food professionals. As the only specialist exhibition offering a range of high-added value gourmet products, it caters to the needs of selective and specialist retail channels, fine food departments and commercial foodservice.

10 years of expertise

Since its first edition in 2009, Gourmet Selection has asserted its role as a showcase of premium products for the food profession with a clear-cut ambition: to stand out as the imperative venue at which producers and retailers come together. Every year, the exhibition welcomes around 4,000 visitors and hosts 350 exhibitors of gourmet delicacies, wines and spirits and everyday or special occasion accessories. Over its two-day duration, professionals meet up and source information from a wealth of top-level special features and talks.

10 years of discoveries

Acting as a barometer for the fine food sector, Gourmet Selection has forged its reputation through its selection of sophisticated products and its audience of qualified visitors and exhibitors. The show rises to the expectations of epicureans who frequent fine food shops, confectionery shops, tea rooms, chocolate shops, wine cellars, lifestyle shops, superstore fine food sections, hotels and restaurants, etc. As a powerful springboard for the visibility and reputation of innovative and quality products, Gourmet Selection will once again strive to reveal the very best in fine food at its 2019 show.

"This anniversary edition is an opportunity to shine a light on the savoir-faire of French and European artisans who occupy pride of place in top-end establishments all over the world." Chantal de Lamotte, exhibition director

Useful information

Paris Expo Porte de Versailles - Hall 5.2          
Sunday 22 & Monday 23 September 2019
Opening hours 9.30am – 6.30pm

Press contacts Anne Macquet: +33 1 55 02 27 92 - Camille Vincent: +33 1 55 02 15 06 [email protected]

Launch press release 2019

Post-show press release - Gourmet Selection 2018

This 6th edition of Gourmet Selection took place on 23 - 24 September 2018 at Porte de Versailles in Paris, its success justifying the decision to be held annually. The only major professional trade event catering to the needs of producers and retailers of gourmet products, this was once again an opportunity to discover refined products with genuine added value, but also learn about all the developments and trends in a fast-growing market (+4% in 2016 and +3% in 2018).
The exhibition placed special emphasis on young companies, with nearly a quarter of exhibitors under two years old or for which it was their first participation at the show.

Press pack - Gourmet Selection - September 2018

For its sixth edition, and its first annual edition, Gourmet Selection is repositioning to provide answers ever better attuned to the expectations of its exhibitors and visitors. Since its creation, and show after show, Gourmet Selection has established itself as the ultimate tradeshow at which to discover refined products with genuine added value. It is the only major trade show meeting the specific needs of the fine food sector. Many changes are on the agenda in 2018, and this year’s event has not shied away from this aim. The 2018 show already features a lot of new developments, events and highlights.

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Launch press release - Gourmet Selection 2018

For its sixth edition, Gourmet Selection is ringing the changes to meet the expectations of visitors: a new frequency and a brand-new look. It will be held on 23 and 24 September 2018 at Paris Porte de Versailles.