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Solidar'Monde - Grocery products

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D 019

14 rue de la Beaune

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Solidar'Monde was created in 1984 at the initiative of Artisans du Monde Federation ("Craftsmen of the World"), with the aim of importing and distributing fair trade and organic products mainly for the Artisans du Monde network but also to other specialized networks, close to our values. The products come from developing countries and are commercialized according to the principles of fair trade. For 40 years, the movement Artisans du Monde and Solidar'Monde have built networks between producers in the South and French consumers with the aim of developing a responsible and sustainable business. We guarantee better remuneration for producers, preservation of the environment and soils and respect for the rights of producers.

To date, we distribute more than 250 food products: 100% certified Fairtrade / 80% Organic. You will find fair trade products such as coffee, chocolate, sugar, quinoa, cereals, but also high quality, gourmet and innovative products through our meetings with producers with unique and traditional know-how.

Solidar'Monde also aims to educate consumers about the conditions of economic exchanges with these countries. A member of the European Fair Trade Association (EFTA), which brings together 11 Fairtrade Import Centers in 9 countries, Solidar'Monde is also a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

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