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ARMOIRE A CONSERVES - Grocery products

Stands :

F 015

2466 Route de Chanchon


Artisanal company , specialist in south product from France, gourmet product, small production (100.000 units per year, high quality).
Since 2009, L’Armoire à conserves, a French society, commercializes south west French products like “duck Foies gras”, “duck confits”, various mushrooms and vegetables (asparagus), seafood products and homemade cooked dishes with our traditional expertise. We cook only with fresh products, without colorant or other additive substance. To guarantee maximal quality of production, we produce only small quantities per day in our agreed factory. In the context of sustainable environment, we select all our products from local farmers, fishers or small companies, to respect maximal proximity with our suppliers. In addition, we have chosen short red distribution of our products to be environmentally costless.
Our commitment: Be sure we produce our cans like ours!