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Calissons Léonard PARLI

Calissons Léonard PARLI - Sweetened products

Stands :

B 123

95 rue famille Laurens



Our Aix institution sets the standard in top quality Provencal confectionary, not only for our Calissons d'Aix, the house specialty, but also for our candied fruit, nougat, pralines, Biscotins and chocolate.
Proudly bearing « La Grande Fabrique de Calissons » on its historical façade, the company has carefully safeguarded its secret recipe since 1874, with the utmost respect for ancestral tradition. Leonard Parli is distinguished by the composition of their calissons. We control all aspects of production, such as preserving the melons "à coeur", including a high percentage of almonds and judiciously replacing sugar with fruit syrup, which is the secret to the fine and delicate flavor of Leonard Parli Calissons.
The regal building of La Maison Parli, a listed 'Aix Heritage Site', and the elegance of the traditional boutique in the center of Aix, serves only to add to the flavor and quality of our products.