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Bocalerie des Gourmets

Bocalerie des Gourmets - Preserved foods

Stands :

E 135

129 rue de la Filature
53000 Laval


La Bocalerie des Gourmets is the passion of taste! My desire is to make the gastronomic aperitif! To find in each jar the essence of a seasonal vegetable sublimated by the association of an unexpected flavor. Only oil, salt and possibly pepper are incorporated for texture and seasoning. Nothing more!
The Bocalerie des Gourmets is a strong and ambitious quality approach!
Our recipes are:
- 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives
- Made with minimal ingredients for optimal quality
- manufactured with raw materials selected and supplied from organic local farmers located closest to the company
- made in France
- an unexpected combination of flavors

Our recipes offer unusual combinations for amazing and tasty aperitives. We offer 2 collections comprised of 8 tasty recipes:
- Fall for winter
- Spring into summer
The manufacturing process has been studied to obtain a creamy and spreadable texture without additives or additional texturizing agents.

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