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Valter Bovetti comes from a family of restaurant owners and is immersed in culinary art at a very young age. In 1985, he left his native Piedmont to settle in France. He realized his dream in 1994 by founding his own chocolate factory in Aubazine in Corrèze. Deeply in love with the quality of the products and the balance of the senses, he constantly seeks the new association ; he finds it in the multiplicity of tastes and aromas that nature offers him: chocolate, dried fruits, flowers, spices…

Valter Bovetti uses only premium raw materials and perpetuates the "old-fashioned" chocolate tradition. He also has, in addition to his pure origin chocolates, a real chocolate signature with his own recipes. (without soy lecithin or added fat)

With a preference for cocoa beans from the three origins of Ecuador, Ghana and Papua, Valter Bovetti regularly travels to enrich his practice and strengthen his passion. His visits to the plantations allow him to select his own raw material himself. He wants to make sure personally of the methods of transformation practiced in the producing countries and to better understand the life of the planters. In 2006 Valter Bovetti sponsored two plantations in Sao Tome, a former Portuguese colony off Gabon.
In 2014 and 2016, he visited his suppliers in Santo Domingo and Mexico to learn more about the reality of the field and to check the destination of fair trade incomes.

The Bovetti team now has 27 employees and the company exports to many countries for 15% of its turnover.

THE CHOCOLATE MUSEUM : a gourmet detour in the heart of Périgord
Valter Bovetti is a man of sharing : that's why he decided to create a chocolate museum in 2002, in which  children and adults are immersed in a gourmet and exotic world. The history, geography and culture of chocolate are approached from its discovery by the Mayas upon its arrival in Europe. We discover the work in the plantations, the transformation of the raw material, the cocoa greenhouses, the old machines, the secrets of the artisanal manufacture of chocolate in the workshops, thanks to a guided tour punctuated by discoveries, videos and exciting explanations. The visit ends with the manufacturing of a chocolate molding for the children and a generous tasting of Grand Cru chocolates and other specialties.