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AFF - M. de Turenne

AFF - M. de Turenne - Grocery products

Stands :

E 016

16 Rue Denis Papin
24100 Bergerac



AFF was founded in 1982 in Bergerac, in the South West of France, to distribute preserved vegetables and local products to traditional shops.
Since, the company kept developing the following 4 main axes:
            A strict selection of raw materials and products: we have created a web of more than 200 suppliers, mainly regional, selected for their professionalism and the quality of their products. We are creating together innovative recipes, allying the rigorous selection of raw materials, tradition in the production techniques and creativity.
            Continually renewed product ranges: we launch 3 times per year new products, according to the seasons and the new trends of consumption.
            Quality: we guarantee a total traceability from the raw material to the final product. Our quality service follows the strict application of the HACCP procedures to ensure that every shipment comply with your expectations.
            Ethics: we are offering a range of thoughtful products: products selected on their tastes, avoiding as much as possible additives such as colours or preservatives, recyclable packagings and finally an easiness of use.
This has allowed us to develop from our customer base to renowned shops such as Galeries Lafayette, Rob Gourmet or Julius Meinl and to export around the world.
Nowadays Alimentation Fine de France is offering, under its trademark M. de Turenne, Atelier Turenne and Lou Bersac, more than 1200 products.
You can find more information on our company and our ranges through our website: www.aff.fr .