Expert's Agora

A place for meetings and exchanges at the heart of the exhibition, the experts meet the needs of both visitors and exhibitors

A conference area to discuss major issues in the delicatessen industry

The Expert’s Agora is place to meet and exchange between profesionnals.  The experts offer you a programme based on themes related to the world of the delicatessen and retailing.

  • Creation and takoever
  • Advices
  • Good practices
  • Product discovery
  • Etc…

In order to meet the expectations of all our visitors and exhibitors, the open area will offer 20-minute keynote (format) so you can easily attend and enjoy the whole show.

At the end of various interventions, a 10-minute question and answer session will allow you to go even further with our speakers, including one-on-one discussions to compare points of view, ask for more personalised advice, etc.

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