Experts’ Agora

A place for meeting and exchange 

The Experts’ Agora is a place of meetings and exchange between professionals.
Our experts offer a programme built around themes relating to fine food and retail: starting up or taking over a business, advice, best practice, new product discoveries, etc.

To cater to all expectations, the Experts’ Agora offers workshop and talk formats lasting 30 minutes to 1 h 30 mins.
Following their contribution, meet up with our experts for face-to-face discussions to compare points of view, ask for individual advice, etc.


The search for gourmet products to delight our taste buds and drive our points of sale, round table presented by Philippe Juglar, the chairman of AVPA, in the company of “product’ managers from the Agency: Jean-Emmanuel Jourde (vegetable oils), Lauren Pascault (tea and herbal teas),  Quentin Rouyer (origin roasted coffees)

Fine food retail looking towards 2022, presented by Delphine David, Xerfi

Synonymous with proximity and quality, fine food is one of the most dynamic food markets. It must be admitted that, regardless of variations in purchasing power, households do not choose to reduce their spending on this category. This market remains buoyant and its growth prospects appear inexhaustible. Gourmet and fine products are an affordable luxury that the French do not seem prepared to miss out on, whether during the festive season or for small and big special

occasions. The French, including those in younger generations in search of meaning and values, are committed to the preservation of culinary heritage and regional know-how. So this is not just a passing fad, as is proven by the age of the big fine grocery brands

The challenges of organic food in delicatessens, round table with producers of gourmet organic products, hosted by Marie-Edith Lecoq, Le Monde de l'épicerie fine

Workshop "Cheeses and pairings”, presented by Hugues Foucher, Épiciers de France 

Pairings presented:Goat’s cheese & oils, Cheese & fruit nectar, Cheese & chocolates

Food artisans: capturing and retaining your customers, presented by Pascal Bardot, Customer Relations Director at Cerfrance Savoie and Haute-Savoie and the leader of the National Cerfrance group for Economic Prospective Intelligence for Artisans, Retailers and Services.

The so-called Generation Z and Millennials are in search of food service options which are adaptable, easy to eat in or take away so that they can eat on the move.
Online booking, click and collect and mobile applications, but also a demand for healthy, vegetarian, gluten and allergen free products, must all be factored in by professionals to capture and retain their clientele.

Disrupting the food world, a key to success
Round table with Shanty from Shanty Biscuits, Paul-Henri Masson from Le Chocolat des Français, Isabelle Racine from Saveurs d’Etoiles, presented by Elie Papiernik, co-founder of the design agency Cent Degrés

Training, presented by Épiciers de France

The profession, presented by Épiciers de France