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  • Zurlo, mélange entre de Cultivar Coratina et Ogliarola barese.

Updated on 07/23/2021


Zurlo, mélange entre de Cultivar Coratina et Ogliarola barese.

Olio Ciccolella, extra virgin olive oil, all the taste in a drop!
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Detailed description

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian. Zurlo is the extra virgin olive oil that comes from a blend of the two native Apulian varieties of Coratina cultivar and Ogliarola barese cultivar. Zurlo refers to the scents of spring and in particular to the almond and vegetable notes. Its harmonious taste goes well with seafood and vegetable dishes, fresh cheese, pesto and delicate sauces.




    The Ciccolella family has owned large plots of land in the province of Bari since 1878. With about 8000 trees of Coratina and Ogliarola from Bari olive varieties, the olive grove of Ciccolella farm covers an extended area near the cities of Giovinazzo, Molfetta and Terlizzi in north of Bari, the heart of the Apulian olive production. For over 4 generations, all the members of the family have dedicated themselves with passion to the careful care of the olive trees. The collection of an excellent fruit was the result of their efforts. Then following the milling process with traditional stone mills, they produced the authentic “yellow gold“. Today the company, led by Giuseppe Ciccolella, produces a superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, thanks to the passionate field work and skilful management with the best technological resources. In the sunny Puglia facing the Adriatic Sea, Giuseppe Ciccolella, owner of the company, put in practice “the olive oil culture“, where the knowledge of the Apulian oil tradition is mixed with the technological innovation.
    The Green approach and the use of sustainable agricultural practices stand out our philosophy: “We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” With these values, Giuseppe Ciccolella dedicates himself personally to the cultivation of the olive tree and to all the stages of the transformation process, from the olive harvest to the pressing up to the bottling. Thus was born an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality obtained only with olives from the farm. An extra virgin that stands out for its organoleptic properties, for the perfume, for the color and the typical flavor of the cultivars.
    A different, innovative, plastic-free packaging that combines practicality and elegance also contributes to enriching the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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    Olio Ciccolella, extra virgin olive oil, all the taste in a drop!

    We have 8.000 olive trees with two olive varieties called Coratina and Ogliarola from Bari, in the territory between Giovinazzo, Molfetta and Terlizzi, in Puglia.Many of our trees have been there long before us. Somehow, we can be considered their guests. For this reason we treat them with great respect , by practicing an organic agriculture which anhances the biological cycles, the natural nourishment of the soil and the environment. Today Giuseppe Ciccolella holds the great responsibility of continuing the work done by those who preceded him and he does it with the passion and dedication of those who want to obtain a flawless product: an extra virgin olive oil in which you can feel the warmth of the great Apulian oil tradition, together with the excitement for the innovation typical of the new knowledgeable entrepreneurs.