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  • Whole duck Foie gras mini lobes

Updated on 01/22/2020


    Whole duck Foie gras mini lobes

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    Detailed description

    Perfect to share at the aperitif or to offer. 3 whole duck foies gras (plain, with Jurançon wine, with Espelette pepper). You can make up to 10 slices in each flavour.





      Producers of foie gras, ready-made dishes and regional specialities since 1925, Castaing has always remained a family-run company, whose reputation for escellence has reached the furthest corners of the world. These days, the 4th generation of the family remains true to the firm's original values of : EXCELLENCE, AUTHENTICITY, QUALITY, KNOW-HOW and CRAFTSMANSHIP. Castaing sends its foie gras and other gourmet fare throughout the world to a very select clientele of restaurant keepers, delicatessen, shop owners and carterers, all of whom seek to offer the most authentic flavours the Landes region has to offer.

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