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Updated on 07/20/2020


Tahitian Vanilla Caramel Spread

LORLUT Caramels
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Detailed description

To taste on waffles, pancakes or to accompany a pan of apple or flavor a milk ... Let yourself be transported by this ultra-melting texture and this harmonious mixture combining the authenticity of caramel with the fondant of a ganache. Its composition: sugar and glucose syrup until desired, added to the cream of a local dairy, supplemented with high-quality chocolate, fresh butter, cocoa butter, Guérande salt and Tahitian Vanilla. The production is artisanal. The temperatures are controlled until a smooth texture. They are sold in a 220 gr glass jar. The expiration date is 1 year. The tasting temperatures are ideal between 18 and 24 ° C.




                Professional cook and Pastry chef, Benoît LORLUT has created the "LORLUT Caramels" range by offering a new generation of caramels with an ultra-melting texture and unexpected flavors. The will is to innovate to be among the leaders in confectionery and to upset the codes of indulgence by offering a new experience to "Adventurers of taste" in search of amazing taste sensations.

    Values: Pleasure, Revolution and Technicality to forget everything you knew about caramel. For more than 2 years, Benoît LORLUT has developed a unique technique of a skilful mixture of different types of sugar cooking, added with cream, butters and chocolate at precise times to create this new generation of caramels with a melting texture and daring flavors. . The flavors are worked by infusion or fruit zests. We offer 6 permanent flavors with Original, Verbena, Cassis, Expresso, Yuzu and Earl Gray as well as seasonal editions with Rose Litchi, Mint and Pepper or Gingerbread for this purpose. year. We have carefully selected our local producers with a choice of raw materials that meet very precise specifications. We are located in Auvergne in the Puys de Dôme and distribute the brand throughout France to delicatessens, chocolate makers, pastries, bakeries, works councils and CHRs.

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    LORLUT Caramels

    The "LORLUT Caramels" brand was created by Benoît LORLUT in 2019, it distributes a range of tender caramels and a range of tasty and delicious spreads.