Detailed description

Truttulà is an handmade ceramic jar of Extra Vergin Olive Oil, an original product created exclusively by LE FERRE. The food is like a colourful game: you can combine flavours with imagination and joy. Like a joyous spinning top. Inside jar there is an harmonious blend with medium fruity, scent of almond; light and well balanced bitter notes; pleasant spicy. 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil. Truttulà brings to the table harmony of flavours to season or finish each course with simplicity and good taste. It can also be an excellent gift idea, eclosed in a colorful carton box. It is available in size 0,10L and in three different colors.




    Le Ferre is an apulian company leader in production, packaging and marketing of extra virgin olive oils in Italy and worldwide. Dynamism, productive and sensory research, elasticity in process management, characterize our daily work around the product and the customers.

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