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TOMATO SAUCE "LA NORMA" - Tomato sauce with aubergines. 
Ready made Sauce for the Sicilian traditional “Pasta alla Norma”. Excellent for pizza and bruschetta.


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    Detailed description

    Tomato sauce with aubergines. Ready made Sauce for the Sicilian traditional “Pasta alla Norma”. Excellent for pizza and bruschetta.



      Tùdia Antiche Ricette di Sicilia

      TUDIA since 1964 is a home farm located in the hill of the Madonie area, in the heart of Sicily. The estate covers about 60 ha where sustainable farming practices, without artificial fertilisers, are used. The mission is to sell and manufacture a selection of premium products based on traditional Sicilian cuisine and produced according with sustainable farming practices. They represent the complex history of Sicily and the peoples that have lived there over the centuries.
      The Siccagno tomato is the prince of our recipes. The arid soil of inland Sicily, between Villalba and the Bilìci Valley, enriches our tomato with antioxidants (lycopene) and vitamins A and C. We chose to grow it because, rich in pulp and poor in water as it is, it makes our sauces tasty and rich, sweet and genuine.
      Our tomato sauces  are good and genuine because plant is raised 8-10 hours before processing. It’s fresh and genuine, because the plant raise in a natural way, well-ventilated and kissed by the sun. No thickeners or chemical additives. Long-life is guaranteed by a natural pasteurization.
      Our tomato sauces are gluten free, and we do not add pepper, so they’re great for children.
      Our brand TUDIA  offers a selected range of high-quality products:
      TOMATO SAUCE  It is at the art of Sicilian and Mediterranean cuisine. Our products are made using a variety of a local tomato known for its delicious taste and flavour. “la Salsa in bottiglia” (tomato sauce and basil); “la Norma”, (tomato sauce with the addition of processed fried aubergines); “Sole di Sicilia”, (tomato sauce with capers and olives, “sugo di pomodoro con acciughe e finocchietto ” (tomato sauce with anchovies and fresh wild fennel); “la Caponata di Melanzane” (famous Sicilian “aubergine caponata”); etc.
      JAM AND MARMALADE Local oranges, nectarines, prickly pears and other fresh fruits are crystallised for delicious jams and marmalades.
      VEGETARIAN PATE AND EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Our tasteful pates are made using local olives, capers and dried-tomatoes.
      The products don’t contain additives of any kind and they are OGM and GLUTEN FREE (Reg. 1830/2003 e1829/2003)
      Presence in foreign markets
      The company has been present in different foreign markets for more than 20 years. In Switzerland it covers the 20% of the total turnover thanks to a widespread presence in over 12 shops of the Globus GDO network. the main customers are the delicatessen and fine food store. In Belgium through a distributor, it covers the 7% of turnover.
      Target foreign markets
      Being at the third generation, the company aims to increase its turnover, looking for high-end customers interested in products made by raw materials of own production. The company is interested in acquiring new buyers willing to buy straight from the main company. The company is looking for small delicatessen stores and distributors willing to promote high quality products in which the traceability of the place of origin is the main element guaranteeing the quality and the authenticity of the end product.

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