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Updated on 03/31/2020


Strawberry from Dordogne jam

Primeurs mais pas que !
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Detailed description

Jam with 65% of strawberry from Dordogne. A jam made in France, with a traditional receipe.



    SDP Rungis

    Every day, our shared and deeply held passion for produce of the terroir drives us to put our high standards to good use in the food industry by combining new, ever-more original flavours.
    SDP Rungis now has more than 1500 luxury delicatessen products. From special butcher’s cuts to ready meals and other organic catering products, the business and its seven brands offer outstanding expertise that combines produce of the terroir with food innovations, surprising even the most demanding diners. Let’s take a closer look at the professional world we share with the 6000 sellers we support every day.
    Each and every day, we dream up which flavours and textures will become part of the essential dishes of the future. We create new symphonies of flavours that will surprise even the most experienced of culinary experts.
    Our taste selections combine all the delicacy of French culinary tradition with the freshness of world flavours.
    These selections sweep you off to faraway places!

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    Primeurs mais pas que !

    Primeurs mais pas que !, this is the new brand  launched by SDP Rungis. A premium brand for high quality products.