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Smoked burrata cheese

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Detailed description

A handmade spun dough bundle with a creamy filling of hand-shredded mozzarella and cream, naturally smoked in oven. The smoked burrata is the perfect evolution of the Apulian burrata. The sweetness of the stracciatella blends with the aroma and the delicate and pleasant scent of the natural smoking which takes place in a wood chip oven, creating a mix with an inimitable flavour and an unmistakable taste. Our smoked burrata has been awarded as one of the best quality cheese in the world with the bronze medal at World Cheese Awards contest 2017 in London. This specialty cheese is perfect for filling pizzas or gourmet salads, but it can also be paired with fresh fish or smoked fish or with jams and marmalades, even ones with an intense flavour.



    Caseificio IGNALAT

    Caseificio Ignalat is an Apulian medium family-run company present on the Italian dairy market since 1948 and specialized in producing dairy products made only with cow milk coming from local farms of its land, the so called “Murgia Barese”, which is a verdant area located in the south east of Apulia - Italy.
    Ignalat produces different kind of cheeses: fresh, smoked, ripe/mature, with a focus on several Apulian specialty cheeses like burrata cheese, naturally smoked burrata, frayed burrata (e.g. with black Italian truffle and chives), mozzarella knot, fiordilatte and mozzarella treccia, stracciatella, caciotta, caciocavallo, provolone etc. Ignalat produces also a fresh line of cheeses free from lactose.
    All cheeses are produced using Halal and microbial rennet not of animal origin. Caseificio Ignalat has always been sensitive to the matters of the food safety and of the quality of the production, of its products and of its productive process, and owns a quality control system in compliance with standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. The company is member of the Consortium for the production of Apulian PDO Mozzarella Cheeses of Gioia del Colle.

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    Our brand Ignalat is present in the best specialty stores (e.g. Eataly - all EU stores), gastronomies and food stores selling italian specialty cheese and food all across the Europe and in any extra EU markets.