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  • Small house-roof tin mini rochers - Christmas Edition

Updated on 06/10/2021

Small house-roof tin mini rochers - Christmas Edition

    Small house-roof tin mini rochers - Christmas Edition

    Maxim's de Paris
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    14 rue Albert Einstein
    ZA Les Portes de l'Ouest - N°3


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    DescriptionMaxim’s de Paris offers premium fine food products and we daily use our quality know-how to elaborate products even more innovative.
    From the opening of the small bar located Rue Royale in 1893 to the opening of the Carrousel du Louvre and Montmartre stores, Maxim's has been for over 125 years the symbol of the French Art de Vivre.

    It is meaningful to us to offer a pure cocoa butter chocolate, GMO and palm oil free.
    Our demand: to carefully select our raw materials and contributing to sustainable development.
    Our ambition: to offer a constant research in new tendencies to create recipes and packaging even more innovative.

    Maxim's offers premium gift-baskets. Genuine gourmet travel through elegant and harmonious boxes, our gift-baskets are the promise of an unforgettable gift and a beautiful item that you will be happy to keep.

    Our products are distributed in the most beautiful shops more particularly in fine food stores, gift stores, department stores and duty-free stores.
    Find more about us on our webstore www.maxims-shop.com

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    Maxim's de Paris

    Maxim's embodies the experience of an over hundred-year-old mythical brand, the tradition of a French art de vivre, and the constant search for the most appealing flavours and presentations, in order to please the most demanding gourmets.

    Quality, highest standards and elegance

    In keeping with tradition and respect for its history, Maxim’s is proud to provide fine products lovers with a carefully selected range of gift-baskets, chocolates, biscuits, confectionery, coffee, tea, foie gras, terrines, champagne, wines, as treats for yourself or gifts to others.

    With hundreds of items, the range of Maxim’s products gives you the possibility to join the private circle of the most expert gourmets, and access the multiple sensual delights of a brand that has always been maintaining a genuine savoir-faire in the most subtle flavours, the most delicate atmospheres and the most flamboyant parties.
    Now Maxim’s want to set itself up as the guardian of a tradition, while constantly remaining on the lookout for fashions, trends and novelties, in order to provide you with a flavourful cocktail of celebration products, original and daring presentations and irresistible small gifts.