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  • Semi-cooked duck foie gras with figs of sollies

Updated on 06/15/2021


Semi-cooked duck foie gras with figs of sollies

ramajo foie gras Gers
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Detailed description

The alliance of figs from Sollies and duck foie gras from Gers with an incomparable flavor to delight the taste buds.



    Ramajo Foie Gras producteur dans le Gers

    For more than 50 years, we have been raising goose and duck, we fatten them and cook them on the farm in pure respect for Gers culinary traditions. All of our production is under IGP Gers which guarantees that our animals are born, raised and transformed in the Gers. In 2020, we have just implemented organic certification with the creation of a 1st range of organic products made from vegetables. We cook all of our products in a traditional way with exclusively fresh products and with the commitment for 50 years never to integrate additives or preservatives in our products. You will have the pleasure of discovering a range of fresh products, canned and semi-preserved products based mainly on Goose and Duck with for our cooked dishes the preparation of our base of sauce based on fresh vegetables and carcass of our ducks to guarantee the best of tastes. Our range consists of more than 85 products which will correspond to your target customer and each year we are awarded medals at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris. We send cold products every week to all of France and neighboring European countries which can be combined with canned products. We also have an eco-responsible approach because all of our breeding and processing buildings are equipped with photovoltaics in order to produce electricity but also a process of transparency towards our customers because our workshop can be visited permanently via our visit corridor in order to discover our manufacturing secrets. We will be happy to pass on our passion for Gascon cuisine and gastronomy to you by coming to meet us at our stand.

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    ramajo foie gras Gers

    we have been a breeder, feeder and canner for 50 years in the Gers in the pure respect of the Gascon culinary traditions