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  • Pâte à Tartiner Vanille de Tahiti 220g

Updated on 06/14/2021


Pâte à Tartiner Vanille de Tahiti 220g

LORLUT Caramels
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Detailed description

Let yourself be enchanted by this natural vanilla flavor that is released upon tasting. A perfect balance between the authenticity of caramel and the sweetness of Tahitian vanilla, which brings this subtle and delicate taste in the mouth.




    After being one of the youngest starred chefs in France in 2009, Benoît Lorlut has dedicated himself to reinventing caramel for several years. He breaks the codes of this traditional product thanks to his talent. Based in Auvergne, this creative craftsman designs and manufactures melting caramels and spreads with high quality ingredients.

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    LORLUT Caramels

    The "LORLUT Caramels" brand was created by Benoît LORLUT in 2019, it distributes a range of tender caramels and a range of tasty and delicious spreads.