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Updated on 07/21/2020


Organic Carcadé (Hibiscus Flowers)

Artisans du Monde
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Detailed description

Connue sous le nom de carcadé ou bissap, l’infusion de fleur d’hibiscus, aux vertus revitalisantes, est très consommée sous forme d’une boisson rafraichissante sur le continent Africain. Appelées carcadé en Egypte, jamaica au Mexique, bissap au Sénégal ou encore oseille rouge de Guinée et rose d'Abyssinie, la fleur d'hibiscus est une plante herbacée de la famille du Malvacée reconnue pour ses vertus tonifiantes. L'infusion d'hibiscus ne contient ni théine, ni caféine et peut donc être consommée à toute heure de la journée.



    Artisans du Monde


    Solidar’Monde was created in 1984, on the initiative of the Artisans du Monde Federation. Central import and distribution of organic and fair trade products mainly for the Artisans du Monde associative network, Solidar’Monde is also found in other specialized networks, close to their values. The products come from developing countries and are marketed according to the principles of fair trade. For 40 years, the Artisans du Monde movement and Solidar’Monde have been building channels between producers in the south and consumers with the aim of developing responsible and sustainable trade.

    To date, we distribute more than 250 food products: 100% Fair Trade certified / 90% Organic. You will find the best products of fair trade such as coffees, chocolates, sugar, quinoa, cereals, and also high quality products, delicious and innovative thanks to our meetings with producers with unique and traditional skills.

    Solidar'Monde also has the mission of making consumers aware of the conditions of economic exchanges with these countries. Member of the European Fair Trade Association (EFTA) grouping 11 fair trade import centers in 9 countries, Solidar'Monde is also a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

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    Artisans du Monde

    A pioneer in fair trade in France, the associative and militant network Artisans du Monde acts for sustainable development by promoting fair trade between countries of the North and the South.

    It was in 1974 that the first fair trade store opened in France. Fostering direct relationships with producers, respecting fundamental human rights and ensuring fair remuneration are the goals of Artisans du Monde.

    To achieve these objectives, Artisans du Monde is based on the sale of fair trade products (via Solidar'Monde), educating the general public about the challenges of fair trade and advocacy through mobilization campaigns aimed at changing international policies related to world trade.

    With more than 150 associative shops, consumers can find a very complete range of quality products, such as a 100% fair trade delicatessen. Independent of the distribution chains, Artisans du Monde has opted for an integrated chain ensuring that all links in the commercial chain (from purchase from producer to final distribution to consumer) are fair trade players.