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  • Manguo Passion Amber Rum and Vanilla

Updated on 07/09/2020


Manguo Passion Amber Rum and Vanilla

La Confiturière
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Detailed description

The exotic and sweet taste of Amélie mangos meets the acidulous notes of the passion fruit to deliver a blend of flavours similar to the “punch arrangé” with the incorporation of the amber rum.




    La Confiturière is a 20-year-old family run business based in Southern France (Florentin), which specialises in producing high end 100% organic jams with an emphasis on fruits, taste as well as health. New manufacturing techniques enable us to reach unprecedented rich flavours, the highest concentrations of fruits in the market (70%+) and concomitantly the lowest level of sugar, using solely the best organic fruits and ingredients.

    Our offering comprises classic jams such as the famous Raspberry or Blackberry (seedless) jams as well as more sophisticated recipes including Mango Passion Amber Rum and Vanilla or Peach Verbena with Tonka Beans. It also incorporates a range of jams successfully combining exquisite tastes with the exceptional health benefits provided by super ingredients such as Blackcurrant with Yuzu and Chia seeds and finally some confits of plants like Rosemary or Tea Rose Lychee.

    Do not hesitate to stop by to discover our know-how as well as our history and enjoy a tasting of our recipes with intense aromas.

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    La Confiturière