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Updated on 06/19/2020

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Detailed description

The « Macérât d’Ail Blanc IGP Drôme » : a natural product, without additives and preservatives ! White Garlic IGP from Drôme, producted by the Maison Boutarin, is macerating in the local extra virgin olive oil (variety Tanche from Nyons and Baronnies country) for about 15 days at room T° and is removing after revealing its entire aromatic palette. Organoleptic characteristics : an olive oil with a strong fruitiness, a fresh character and a slightly sweet taste. The smoothness, sweetness and aromatic persistence of the preparation, scent the dishes revealing their flavors : fillet or cooking in mashed potatoes & gratins, hot dishes (pasta, cooked vegetables, fish and meat). Innovation is expressed in the association of two labeled and quality products which highlight a territory, Drôme Provençale, with the “IGP Ail Blanc” and the local Olive, from Nyons and Baronnies, and its extra virgin oil of Tanche variety. The manufacturing process is unique: the maceration diffuses the aromas, slowly and at the rate of the aromatic emanation of the product, for several days. Like an infusion at room T° of garlic in olive oil ... with the aim of achieving a balance of flavors, in the final macerate. The result is the quality and naturalness of the product. Beyond the powerful aromatic flavors that emanate from it, it is the creation of a 100% natural and 100% without natural or synthetic flavors product.




    Located in Drôme Provençale, on the territory of the Baronnies in Nyons, Vignolis is the commercial subsidiary of the Cooperative Agricultural Company of Nyonsais. Created in 1923, the cooperative brings together a thousand cooperative farmers (olive growers, winemakers, arboriculturists). Vignolis sells the olive products and wines of the cooperative. Leader in the production of black olives and olive oil from Nyons, the brand NyonsOlive Empreinte d'Exception® is specially dedicated to Nyons black olive & its oil of optimal quality, conventional & organic, with its spreads & delights carrying the AOP at the level of excellence. The brand La Nyonsaise® brings together the range of wines of the cooperative, renowned, conventional and organic wines of character. Several vintages in red, rosé and white are declined under the AOC appellations Cotes du Rhone, Cotes du Rhone Villages & Cru Vinsobres, IGP Coteaux des Baronnies.

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    NyonsOlive Empreinte d'Exception is the brand of our olive products of exceptional quality: Nyons PDO olive oil, macerates, PDO black olives, tapenade & spreads.