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  • Liolà Catarratto - DOC SICILIA

Updated on 07/19/2021


Liolà Catarratto - DOC SICILIA

Cantina Murgia Lamanno
Stands :
  • H065
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Detailed description

Liolà has an intense straw yellow color. On the nose it releases a strong hint of citrus combined with mineral notes and floral scents. With an enveloping taste with a dominance of mineral note that determines its pleasantness, Liolà is fresh and balanced.




    Antico Frantoio s.a.s. is a family business that produces extra virgin olive oil and wines. It was founded in 2000 in Sambuca di Sicilia, a small village in western Sicily. The owners, Salvatore and Antonella, along with their sons, Sofia and Nicola have been carrying on, for twenty years, the traditions of the past trying to preserve the authentic flavors of the past.
    Custodians of traditions and authentic tastes. That’s how we like to define ourselves. This philosophy, engine of our company, accompanies us from the beginning. And it is precisely this that has pushed us over the years to do better and to invest in another field dear to us: the world of wine.
    In fact, in the 2000, the dream that connects three generations of winemakers was consolidated: the family winery was created to give voice to the twenty hectares of vineyards.
    From the beginning our objectives were clear: to maintain the ancient traditions of cultivation and production without neglecting technological and process innovation and attention to the environmental causes most dear to us.
    The first step was to move to a sustainable agriculture and fully organic, followed by the installation of a photovoltaic system that can produce 40% of the energy needs of our company.
    Particular attention has also been paid to production waste used as natural fertilizers for our vineyards and to produce renewable energy.
    Antonella and Salvatore, guardians of tradition, transmitted the passion for the land, for oil and wine to their sons, Nicola and Sofia. The new generation is dedicated not only to practical work in the vineyard and olive groves of the family, but also to the company trade and social media issue.

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    Cantina Murgia Lamanno

    In the Belìce Valley the Murgia Lamanno family has been carrying on the winemaking passion for three generations. Among the family olive groves, a winery is built that makes the territory its main strength. From this union are born wines with a great Sicilian personality.