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Detailed description

La Tholognaise is an original recipe of sauce cooked with White Germon Tuna and Chorizo. Inspired by Portuguese cuisine, the Tholognaise recipe pays homage to the culinary tradition of this nation by mixing the good taste of White Germon Tuna, emblematic of Groix island and Chorizo, flagship product of Portuguese gastronomy. Eat hot or cold as an accompaniment to pasta, rice, salads or to prepare bruschettas.



    Conserverie Groix & Nature

    The Groix et Nature cannery, created 20 years ago, is located on the island of Groix in southern Brittany. A real local culinary workshop, the cannery has 19 people living year-round on the island. Beyond the quality commitment, respect for the resource and preservation of local jobs are at the heart of our desire to produce differently. All our recipes are cooked in an artisanal way from natural ingredients, without coloring or preservatives. We select raw materials from small fishing boats and work with local fishmongers. Innovation is at the heart of our concerns, which is why we offer a wide range of recipes combining culinary tradition and originality.

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