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Hot Truffle Chocolate

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Detailed description

Chocolat Mathez presents its brand new concept to complete the snacking range: "THE HOT TRUFFLE CHOCOLATE". Truffles to drink? Enjoy traditional Mathez cocoa truffles melted with hot milk and let yourself turn up side down by the smoothness of this hot chocolate. Never seen before! Consume differently! Chocolat Mathez revisits the traditional hot chocolate with its cocoa truffles. Find inside a cup, 3 wrapped truffles to melt with 15cl of hot milk. Fully recyclable and easy to take away, you can enjoy your hot chocolate anywhere. Discover the "Hot Truffle Chocolate", a fun and original packaging offered only by Mathez, consistent with its pioneer position. With this new concept, Chocolat Mathez is expanding into new markets: “Hot Beverage and Take Away”. Instructions for use: 1. Open the truffle bag 2. Pour 15 cl Hot Milk 3. Mix & Enjoy.




    Since 1934, Chocolat Mathez has specialized in the production of cocoa truffles. These truffles are called « Fantasy Truffles » and come in a little over 25 flavors to choose from.  Melting, gourmet and cocoa some of them exist in other ranges : Pure Cocoa Butter, Organic, Fairtrade, Palm Oil Free, Gluten Free or, recently, Vegan.
    Based in Châteauneuf sur Sarthe, France, Mathez has been able to see beyond its borders and sells its truffles all over the world. A human-sized industrial company, Chocolat Mathez appears to be the leading French producer of cocoa truffles.

    Aware of its responsibility towards its customers to manufacture and market regulatory products, Chocolat Mathez produces its truffles with rigorously selected raw materials that meet the highest sensory and gustatory standards.
    Certified by the BRC, IFS, and Ecocert, Chocolat Mathez has implemented a policy of continuous improvement and awareness of its staff through a global training including hygiene, HACCP and food safety.

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