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  • Green Tea - Christmas Tea 25

Updated on 07/17/2020


Green Tea - Christmas Tea 25

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  • B074
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Detailed description

A beautiful green tea with a spicy, fresh and delicious bouquet. The balance between star anise, cinnamon and cloves immediately transports you to the Christmas markets. The hint of bitter orange zest, pink berry and fennel add richness and subtlety to this tea. This tea will be able to accompany either for the pleasure of tasting and for its digestive virtues. Virtues so precious during this festive period.




    The history of nunshen comes from the passion of a real tea connoisseur who wanted to bring the craft of tea to the heart of today’s lives.
    It all started in Switzerland, in a small historic tea shop opened in 1938 in a renowned area for its tea and coffee merchants.
    Acquired in 2003 by Olivier, and established in France since 2014, the brand works with Carine Baudry, world renowned tea expert, who visits during the entire year, plantations around the world in order to strengthen relationships with our farmers. By combining centuries-old traditions with expertise, passion and a resolutely contemporary taste, nunshen supports big names in gastronomy and hospitality in the selection, training and implementation of their tea offer.

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