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Updated on 06/10/2021


Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper PGI

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Detailed description

SALTED KAMPOT PEPPER, AN EXCLUSIVE CREATION OF LA PLANTATION. Fresh Salted Pepper (Kampot IGP) is an exclusive production of La Plantation. Addictive from the first corn, the Fresh Salted Pepper from La Plantation is ready to consume. The privileged ones who had the chance to taste it have become crazy and crunch it from the aperitif to the dessert. The pepper clusters are harvested by hand before maturity. They are then manually treshed by our workers. These young green corns are very fragile and require careful treatment. The corns are washed and blanched and undergo a complex process of fermentation with Kampot sea salt, developed by La Plantation. This fermentation reinforces the flavor that is like the fresh green pepper eaten fresh in Cambodia. Traditional recipes in Kampot and Kep region use a lot of fresh green pepper (Kep crab or prawns fried with green pepper, as well as many salads and local dishes). Green pepper cannot be kept fresh and must be eaten within 3 or 4 days. The crispness of the grain and the intense explosion of fresh pepper flavors on the palate make La Plantation's Fresh Salted Pepper a unique product that is unanimous among those who have had the chance to taste it. Most of them have become big fans. It has already arrived at the menu of several Michelin star chefs and new cuisine chefs. No need for a mill, Fresh Salted Pepper from La Plantation is ready to eat. Addictive from the first corn, Fresh Salted Pepper can be crunched as an aperitif, alone or in accompaniment of grilled peanuts. We advise you not to cook it, just possibly heat it slightly at the end of cooking or in a sauce, so that it keeps its crunchy. It marvelously delights meats such as beef or duck and will surprise your guests in a chocolate mousse or on an ice-cream or seared fruit. You can also sprinkle a few corns on your preparations, salads or oysters. Fresh Salted Pepper is to be consumed without moderation!




    A family-owned pepper and spice organic farm in Cambodia

    Like any agricultural project, our project is built with long term objectives. It has been incepted on Fair Trade principles, from our partners to our employees to benefit our rural community. We work with international importers and distributors who share our values. Together, we are committed to offering the freshest spices at the fairest price, for the producer and the consumer.

    Within La Plantation, we built a production plant which allows us to process and package the spices immediately after their harvest. This freshness is an essential guarantee of the quality of the spices we produce.
    The production site provides a controlled environment with trained teams, ensuring compliance with international standards in terms of hygiene and food safety. The spices are tested by international laboratories before being distributed.

    Quality is the foundation of our project. Processing and packaging of our spices, immediately after their harvest, guarantee their freshness and the preservation of their aromas. La Plantation is proud to highlight the expertise of rural communities in Cambodia, who produce high quality spices, and to promote them on the international market.        

    The history of Kampot Pepper is intimately linked to that of Cambodia and the Kampot region. The first plantations were established in the Kampot region by Chinese from Hainan, from the 13th century. Today, cultivation, harvesting and selection are still done by hand to preserve the unique taste of the best pepper in the world.
    In collaboration with the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association, we are working to improve traceability and eliminate counterfeit Kampot Pepper at the source. We inform and train our distributors and importers on the challenges of the sector.

    La Plantation develops a strong social and societal responsibility in the Kampot region
    We offer good working conditions to our employees and train them to develop their skills. We help independent farmers improve their quality of life.

    Building futures also means making our children grow up by providing them with a good quality education
    Les écoles de la Plantation’s 1st Mission is to offer a great primary education to the children from our village.
    However, our End Goal is to send them to a successful secondary education, through high school and university, towards a sustainable profession.

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    La Plantation is a fair spice producer and spice hunter in Cambodia.