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Updated on 07/19/2021


Flavored Pasta Bindoli Cocoa

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Detailed description

The best Italian hard wheats meet authentic condiments, of very high quality and 100% natural! The flavors, nutrients and aromas of wheat and extra-lean Van Houten cocoa are preserved by our strictly artisanal work: our bindoli are produced in Italy in small batches of 80 kilos and dried at less than 40 degrees for 2 days. Thus, our pasta is extraordinarily tasty, light and healthy. Very easy to taste: excellent on their own, ideal with cheese, meat, vegetables, mushrooms, truffles. And why not for dessert!




    Santamatri is an artisanal research workshop, with the ambition to offer products of very high quality, produced according to the strictest artisanal know-how and opening the Italian tradition to new gastronomic and cultural horizons. Thus are born our Condimented Pasta, artisanal and entirely natural, made in very small batches of 80 kilos and kneaded by combining the best Italian durum wheat semolina with condiments of excellence. All the nutrients and all the flavors are preserved by an ultra delicate process and by a very rare two-day horizontal drying at less thna 40 degrees, the temperature of a balmy summer afternoon in Italy. No coloring, no preservatives, no flavorings are added: healthy, light, tasty pasta. Extraordinary by nature!

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